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Research & Development Services


Our dedicated sales and marketing consultants are available to assist you in tailoring a program that suits your specific goals. They will walk you through the necessary steps to guarantee that the development of your brand meets your business goals and marketing strategies. Recognizing your individual needs, our expertly trained sales and marketing staff work closely within your budget to develop a line that fulfills your business vision.

Our cosmetic chemists in the R&D Laboratory incorporate the latest technological and scientific advances to formulate and manufacture products under the highest quality standards. They work closely with our clients to develop highly advanced and functional products that not only meet, but also exceed our clients’ marketing requirements.

Our highly experienced chemists are equipped to realize our clients’ ideas into a viable, highly marketable product. Our in-house laboratory is equipped with state of the art equipment to manufacture products as quickly as possible, under the highest quality standards.

I. Shay specializes in research and development, custom formulation, manufacturing, packaging, and design. With more than 30 years of experience we can facilitate all aspects of your research, development, formulation and manufacturing process.